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The Elliott wave principle has been studied by Glem Neely in 1979 and upon his research for all needy materials, he came to realize of the numerous inconsistencies and ambiguities occurred. The sequential analysis and pioneering techniques used by him have come to be labeled as the NeoWave theory. In fact, as it was a concept developed through tedious research, it was scrupulously presented in the Windsor Books in 1990.


Mr. Neely is said to be one of the most knowledgeable Elliotticians in the world hence being elected as the founder and president of the Elliot Wave Institute. He was also appointed to be the director for NeoWave Private Limited. He began spreading his knowledge by teaching the NeoWave Correspondence course where he explains meticulously the application of the theories during the occurrence of authentic market patterns. Undeniably Mr. Neely is the lead modern innovator in the Elliott wave industry; he did not stop his career there. He continued his pursuit in further research and giving personal teachings to serious students, performing some real time trading for his company and crafting new ideas about the wavy market.


Besides being the authority of the Elliot Wave institute, he has become an amazing public figure, appearing in several financial radio talk shows and even the CNN. In fact his NeoWave theory has led him to be a speaker at the headquarters of the Foundation of the Study of Cycles, a speaker in the Far East, as well as several seminars. He mostly spoke on the Gann techniques and Elliott Wave analysis. Furthermore, he has also been featured on the Los Angeles Times and written articles for the Cycles magazine.


Upon the death of Elliott in 1948, there was not only Glam Neely who further studied the Elliott wave principle. For instance, Hamilton Bolton provided the wave analysis knowledge for wide reading during the 1950s. Besides, Charles Collins has also published something about the wave principle, ranked the Elliott's theory to technical analysis on par with Charles Dow and spread the concept to the Wall Street.

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This article was published on 2010/12/07